Due diligence to ensure
the right software.

When searching for CRM, ERP, Project or Job Management Software in Google you’re given 8,680,000 results but where do you start? You start here – Hostingplus provides expert consulting to ensure your specific requirements are meet by the software. Read below about our due diligence process.

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Our Process

Reason and Requirements – The most important phase is the first; understanding your reason to change along with your business processes ensuring we build a top level requirements list to compare against the software.

Software Comparisons – We know the industry leaders. We know what works well in your industry and what will not. Using this we build a custom report to easily view your requirements versus the potential solutions.

Project Management – Choosing the solution is great but you need ensure its delivered timely and within the expected budget. We can help manage the development, data migrations, timing, staff training and go live.

Go-Live Support – Come to switch over, your going to want someone accessible and knowledgable of the product. We are local and ready to support your critical timings.

Let’s start with a chat

The entire process is daunting, but nothing a good coffee and chat can’t sort out – on us! If you are interested in talking about how we can help please get in contact with us so we can arrange a Coffee and a Chat.

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What should you consider?

  • Catalyst for change – Does your reason for change out way the costs and effect to the business
  • System Processes – What processes can you live with out, what process are essential
  • Implementation budget – Not only do you have to purchase the software, you need to have it installed and supported
  • Data Migration – What’s happening with the old software and data, is it being migrated, is its cost & time to migrate it being considered
  • Best Practice – What are others using, why are they using it, and are there better practices to be considered
  • Staff training – When, how and who will train the staff of the new software system

About us

We are an independent I.T consultancy company that offers industry knowledge to companies to estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer I.T system with best practice foremost. Working with boards, internal I.T departments or external integrator we help relay the correct information through all channels and provide a second unbiased opinion to ensure the end results will fulfill the technical requirements of the company, along with the budget and future demands. Our opinion focuses on a suitable solution and cost.

To achieve this, we hold close communication with all partys involved while supplying a diverse and versatile pool of knowledge to draw information from. We remove the barriers of technical jargon, price wars, and sales push to keep focus on the solution, not the sale.

Get technology suited to your exact requirements

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